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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a pass?


  You will be required to create an account with your information and sign our waiver.  It is important to enter your phone number so we can text you any class changes.  You will be redirected to 



Do I have to buy a pass or can I just show up?

All classes require pass purchase and waiver signed online before attending any class.


Pass prices:

Individual class  $12 

5 punch pass     $ 45  expires 3 months from date of first use

10 punch pass   $85 expires 3 months from date of first use

New Student 30 day unlimited   $30

Unlimited monthly membership $70 (auto debit on credit card)


All passes are active after your first attendance.  


We prefer that you register online for each class, but drop-ins are allowed.  However, if you are not registered for the class,  you may not be alerted if class times change.   


Can I share a pass with someone?

Unfortunately, no.  We require each person to have their own account and sign the waiver individually.  Periodically we will offer special passes that can be purchased together for a discount.  Watch for those!


Do you have a mat I can borrow for class?

Yes!  We have mats and props.  Most people like to bring their own mat but we are happy to loan you one if you forget yours!


The doors for the Cannery are locked at 5:00.  How do I get in for class?

Your teacher will meet you at the door to let you in.  Please arrive about 15 minutes before class begins.  If you arrive after the teacher has left to start class, you can come in through from the Cannery Creamery, however, you will need to go throught the gate with the carabiner locking it, so please replace the carabiner after entering so that gate remains closed.   We kindly ask that you do not enter if you are more than 5 minutes late. 


I am a beginner - which class is best for me?

We welcome all levels in every class and you can feel confident that each instructor will accommodate for beginners.  Do not be intimidated!  There is no judgement in yoga, just practice. Yoga is called a “practice” because it requires time and patience with yourself.  


More Questions?

Text us at 385-424-0112

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