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Yoga Class Descriptions

Tai Chi

Yoga for EveryBODY

Flow for All

Hatha Yoga

Dynamic Movement

Yoga Nidra 

Shine with Drea - A meditation Practice

90 Minute Restorative 


TAI CHI with James Shook

Calm the mind. Relax the muscles. Release the joints.

     Explore the internal art of tai chi in this class designed for students of all levels. Hundreds of years old, this fascinating practice uses the principles of yin and yang to create a dynamic exercise based in soft, relaxed movement. Nicknamed “swimming on dry land,” it is low impact and suitable for people of all ages. The many health benefits of practicing tai chi are now being recognized more in the western world as institutions, such as Harvard Medical School, have begun researching tai chi and publishing their results. Tai chi has been shown to benefit injury recovery, heart strength, circulation, breathing, balance, leg strength, structural alignment, bone density, and pain management for muscles and joints. It has also been shown to help relieve stress while improving mental acuity and psychological well-being.


Each class includes standing meditation practice and an exploration of a different posture from the Cheng Man-ching Yang style form. The instructor, James Shook, has been teaching tai chi since 2012 and practicing tai chi since 2002. He founded the Great Salt Lake Tai Chi Chuan Society in Utah and Resolution Tai Chi in Oregon.

Yoga for EveryBODY with Kaylie Driver

This class is structured around my students and what I feel like they need that day.  I do a variety of many different styles to give my students a well-rounded practice. I feel like practicing many different styles helps us practice handling different situations when they don't go as we expected, helping us to find peace in the midst of the storm.  


Kaylie grew up on the stage, dancing for 12 years. This consisted of many styles and she was highly into the performing arts including film and theater acting, and she has always been drawn to the arts.

She was introduced to yoga at the age of 14 when her world was falling apart, and Yoga pulled her out of the dark place she was in. She instantly fell in love with the practice as a way of self-expression and as a way to connect through the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of what yoga has to offer. She dove into the healing properties and the power of energy that Yoga provided and it changed her whole perspective on life. She learned to appreciate the true beauty within ourselves and the universe.

Yoga continues to help Kaylie learn and grow and to connect the mind, body, and spirit as a whole. She wants to share with you the healing properties that yoga has offered her and to help you find the love we all have within. When she's not engaged in Yoga or the arts, Kaylie enjoys eating, hiking, watching TV, and sleeping.

~Hope is the thing with feathers

Flow For All  with Jamie Nabor

Hello yogis! I am instructor Jamie Nabor and I am inviting you to come to my class ready to sweat, smile and restore. The appeal of my yoga class is that my style is purposeful, cheerful and healing. My intent is to encourage and inspire you to your full potential all while keeping things simple and energetically spacious. I offer something for everyone in a gentle, calm, always uplifted way. I pay attention to details, so your practice will be balanced, and you will learn the correct foundation to expand from. I am registered RYT 200 Yoga Teacher and received my certification with Salt Lake Power Yoga. I am also a certified Vimana Beginner, Fusion, Yin and Hot Stretch Yoga Instructor. Come grow with me in our journeys to optimal health and wellness in a loving and attentive environment where you are the most important part of my class.-- 


Hatha Yoga with Jos Child 

 Hatha Yoga is a practice meant to help create and maintain alignment and awareness of the body and mind. I always keep my classes open to every skill level and am there to help assist and guide you with the practice that YOU need. Each week brings a different series of poses to keep it fresh, and there is always a carefully curated playlist that hits that sweet spot in the soul to help you stay connected in the present moment. 

The first thing that attracted me to yoga was the movement of it. After gaining a personal practice, I craved more. I became obsessed with sharing this practice with everyone around me. I created my own free yoga class for family and friends, and eventually became certified through Yoga Assets with a 200 Hr YTT. I've been teaching for 6 years and yoga remains such a passionate and important part of my life. I truly am so honored to be able to share this with anyone willing to open themselves up to it.

Dynamic Movement with Kayla Humiston

Incorporating movement forms from across disciplines we’ll target different areas of the body for a head to toe body makeover. You’ll leave this workshop with the knowledge to build your own workout plan that will fit your individual needs. 

 This series is like a movement buffet – you get to sample everything and take what works best for you!


  We’ll start out with a short education segment, followed by targeted strength training, cardio, and stretching.  Once you learn all the different ways to tone and strengthen different areas of your body, you’ll be able to customize your own workout plan to keep with you.


  With influences from Nia (a style of fusion fitness), we’ll incorporate movements from the dance arts, healing arts, and martial arts. We’ll also utilize more traditional exercises as well.  

Click here for more information.  https://www.runthelastmile.org/workshops

Yoga Nidra - with Kaylie Driver

Yoga Nidra is a "yogic sleep" that takes you through the five brain waves of a sleep cycle.  It incorporates body awareness, breath awareness, creation and finally bliss.  It heals and rewires all the aspects of the mind leaving you with a sense of wholeness.     

Shine with Drea - A meditation practice with AnDrea Pettingill

I am addicted to my  phone.

I am too busy to remember to eat.

I don't have time to MEDITATE!

If this sounds like you, don't worry I'm right there with you, and I'm a meditation teacher!  This is not a class for perfect yogis. This is a practice where we will learn together, meditate on gratitude, letting go and creating what we want to manifest in our lives.  Come meditate on what is the best version of you and let that SHINE!  If you know the importance of practicing these things everyday, but you are just not doing it, come see how the accountability of a class, the support of those around you and the easy tools taught here can all help you discover the mindful YOU that has been there all along.    Follow @ShinewithDrea for more.   AnDrea Pettingill is a graduate of Gabby Bernsteins Spirit Junkie Master Class.



90 Minute Restorative - with Stephanie Courtney

This is a full-body relaxation yoga. It is super slow-moving, spending 6-8 minutes in each fully supported pose. This class will include yoga Nidra, aka yogic sleep. Dress in layers, bring socks and a hoodie. If you have a bolster or firm pillow, feel free to bring it along for your comfort but it is not required.