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Hatha Yoga

with Jos

 Hatha Yoga is a practice meant to help create and maintain alignment and awareness of the body and mind. I always keep my classes open to every skill level and am there to help assist and guide you with the practice that YOU need. Each week brings a different series of poses to keep it fresh, and there is always a carefully curated playlist that hits that sweet spot in the soul to help you stay connected in the present moment. 


with James

Calm the mind. Relax the muscles. Release the joints.

     Explore the internal art of tai chi in this class designed for students of all levels. Hundreds of years old, this fascinating practice uses the principles of yin and yang to create a dynamic exercise based in soft, relaxed movement. Nicknamed “swimming on dry land,” it is low impact and suitable for people of all ages. The many health benefits of practicing tai chi are now being recognized more in the western world as institutions, such as Harvard Medical School, have begun researching tai chi and publishing their results. Tai chi has been shown to benefit injury recovery, heart strength, circulation, breathing, balance, leg strength, structural alignment, bone density, and pain management for muscles and joints. It has also been shown to help relieve stress while improving mental acuity and psychological well-being. Each class includes standing meditation practice and an exploration of a different posture from the Cheng Man-ching Yang style form. 

Vinyasa Flow

With Lexi

Our practice will begin with finding our breath and checking in with our bodies. I will ask if there is something specific participants need to focus on and I will try to create the flow around what our bodies tell us they need that particular day. I always begin our movement with sun salutations to warm up and get our blood flowing before moving into deeper stretches and maybe a little play with balancing poses. Breath is so important! I will constantly bring your attention back to your breath inhale/expand, exhale/contract. Class will end with a delicious savasana meditation leaving you rejuvenated and ready to conquer your day-to-day life. 

All skill levels are welcome

Soulful Slow Flow

With Nikole

VIBE, Relax and Recharge
This class is to awaken the consciousness of the body and the consciousness of the soul with Slow mindful movement
Reiki healing and soulful jams.
Immerse yourself into the music and let your mind and soul go!
All levels, abilities, shapes and sizes are welcome. If you've been wanting to begin a yoga practice this would be your class.

$5 Friday Free Flow

   Open Studio

Our space is yours to flow freely the way your body wants to, or simply come catch your breath with meditation during your lunch break. No online registration required. Check-in at the Bull Frog Spas front desk. Space is limited to 10.

Gentle Vinyasa Flow

With Allie J

Are you ready to get your body moving while drawing the mind in to focus on your breathing? In Gentle vinyasa flow, you will focus on moving your body through a variety of different postures while in coordination with your breath. This flow will be a gentle, faster pace class allowing yourself to find stability in each pose and transition to the next pose with cues of inhalation and exhalation. Come move your body with me and find your breath!

All Levels Hatha Vinyasa

With Vicky

The practice will begin with a warm up series on our mats, including breathing and becoming

present on our mats and in our practice. We will move into a vinyasa flow,moving through

different yoga poses connected by our breath. We will practice different vinyasa flows each

week, letting us experience and grow in our practice. We will work on balance poses, helping to

keep us centered. Class will end with savasana and a little meditation.

All skill levels are welcome and encouraged to attend. The intention of the class is to bring

strength and calmness both physically and mentally to carry into our daily lives.

Yoga Nidra

With Kaylie

A meditation practice that takes you through the 5 brainwaves of a sleep cycle rewiring and healing the body through the stimulation of the nervous system. 

Grounding Flow

With Nikole

Do you ever feel off balance?

This class is designed to keep you grounded and present. Grounding Yoga Flow, designed to work your core and build strength and stamina. We will be focusing on grounding and centering, exploring and connecting with the earth both physically and spiritually.

A great way to start the week

All levels!

Beginner Yoga

With Jamie

Yoga for any, and every level

90 Minute Restorative

With Stephanie

This is a full body relaxation yoga. It is super slow moving, spending 6-8 minutes in each fully supported pose. This class will include yoga nidra, aka yogic sleep. Dress in layers, bring socks and a hoodie. If you have a bolster or firm pillow, feel free to bring it along for your comfort but it is not required.

Yoga Pilates Barre

With Stephanie

First of its kind at North Ogden Yoga. This class will be a blend of flowing modalities using a chair as a ballet bar for support and challenging stability but will add a vinyasa flow of Yoga to blend this class together. Best of all worlds

Refreshing Vinyasa

With Hanna

This class is an energetic and fun flow to start the week out, and is perfect for any level!  Each class will begin with a sun salutation to warm up and get you breathing, and a check-in with our bodies to find our personal focus for the class. This class aims to introduce you to new poses, improve balance, and focus on breath work to provide a well-balanced flow and meditation for you. 

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