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Meet our Teachers

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James Shook

The instructor, James Shook, has been teaching tai chi since 2012 and practicing tai chi since 2002. He founded the Great Salt Lake Tai Chi Chuan Society in Utah and Resolution Tai Chi in Oregon.

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Josalin Child

The first thing that attracted me to yoga was the movement of it. After gaining a personal practice, I craved more. I became obsessed about sharing this practice with everyone around me. I created my own free yoga class for family and friends, and eventually became certified through Yoga Assets with a 200 Hr YTT. I've been teaching for 6 years and yoga remains such a passionate and important part of my life. I truly am so honored to be able to share this with anyone willing to open themselves up to it.    

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Ximen Johnson

I completed my teacher training in 2013. The end of that year I was blessed to go on a humanitarian trip to Nepal and teach rooftop Yoga in the Himalayas. After completing my certification, I taught a basic yoga class at 2 crossfit gyms in Davis County. I loved seeing my students make progress, gain flexibility and slowly realize their yoga practice helped with their strength training. Teaching called to me because I knew how much I needed Yoga in my life and what better way to make it a priority, than to share my passion with others?! After having my third child, I took a break from teaching for a few years. I now have 4 children, an amazing husband and I’m a teacher, cheer coach and yearbook advisor at DaVinci Academy in Ogden. I am beyond excited to learn and grow with this community!

Nikole Widdison

Nikole Watkins-Widdison (200 hr RYT)   began practicing Yoga in 2011.  I will always remember when a teacher told her, “You don’t find Yoga, Yoga finds you”.  Since then I knew I  wanted to deepen her knowledge and share her love of yoga with the world. I  enrolled in teacher training and was blessed in her journey in completing her 200 RYT at Timeless Yoga in 2015; not realizing the impact that it would have on my life.  Yoga has truly been a beautiful journey, it has taught me many things about myself and my potential.
As a Chronic Asthmatic and a sufferer from Graves Disease- along with being a Curvy Yogini ; yoga has helped me with building a better foundation between body, mind and breath.
I  believes yoga can heal and transform along with change the way you view yourself- it's a Journey of loving YOU no matter your limitations. My life vision is to continue her journey as a student and as a teacher who guides everyONE. I believes EveryBODY can do Yoga. Just Trust the Journey.

Erin Jensik

Yoga has been a consistent part of my life since 2016. As a rock climber and an aspiring contortionist, yoga has always been there to remind me of balance, mindfulness, and the joy in the journey. After completing my 200-hour Ashtanga Vinyasa based teacher training at The Front YogaLoft, I decided to pursue a second degree in exercise science with the eventual goal of a masters in physical therapy. It’s been so exciting and fulfilling to be able to help people find physical and emotional comfort, relief, community, and a better range of motion through yoga


Kaccee Johnson

Hi! I’m Kaccee. I’m a registered yoga teacher and certified personal trainer. I began practicing asana around 6 years ago. I kept coming back and started to notice changes in my mindset, physical abilities and overall sense of being. It also allowed me to see and explore movement from a different perspective: one of curiosity, acceptance and mindfulness. I decided that I wanted to learn more about the practices and teachings and also how to help others on their path. In the spring of 2020, I completed my 200 hour teacher training at The Front YogaLoft in Ogden. I love sharing yoga with others and hope to help my students explore movement and find greater connection, peace and strength within their own body and mind. I enjoy teaching Ashtanga, yin or slower mindful flows, offering modifications and alternatives where possible so that students may find what works best in their body. Outside of yoga and teaching, I’m usually spending my time with my family, either at our home or in the outdoors. I love coffee, chocolate, reading, paddle boarding, snowboarding, camping and hiking.


Quincie Berube

You know when you find something you love that you are so excited about, you just have to tell every soul? That is yoga for me. 

I struggled to find my place in this big world due to an all-consuming amount of anxiety. Yoga found me, calmed me, taught me, and loved me in a small studio right here in North Ogden. I found me too. Yoga has helped me to see joy in my journey and give myself and others grace. In 2016 I became a RYT200 through Yoga Life Teacher Training. I have been teaching yoga for 4 years and practicing yoga for 10. My current practice consist of Ashtanga or Vinyasa throughout the week with Yin or Bikram yoga on the weekends. I love all types of yoga! There seems to be a style of yoga for every mood. I am consistent with my own personal practice so I can bring new ideas and inspire creativity on my mat. I love learning and growing with everyone that comes to my class.