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 Here are a few things to help your first class be an enjoyable experience:

- Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move around in.  You may want a shirt that will not fall over your head if you were upside down but don't worry, we won't make you stand on your head if you can't or don't want to!

- You may want to bring a bottle of water and a small towel. 

- If we are using mats in class, we have one you can borrow.  Most classes use mats.  You may want to have your own personal mat and bring it each week, but you are always welcome to borrow ours.

- We have a cleaner to wipe the mats down after class.  You are welcome to use that on your personal mat as well.

- Most of the time you will be barefoot but if you get cold toes, you can bring a pair of socks to put on for the end of class.

- We have blankets, straps and foam blocks to help you hold each pose correctly without putting too much strain on your body but also get the maximum benefit.  The teacher can help you with each pose and may touch you to help.  If you would rather not have the teacher touch you, please let them know.  

- Please leave children and valuables at home.  We do not have lockers or babysitters.

- Please remove your shoes and silence your cell phone before entering the studio.

- Ask questions!  You may feel intimidated that others can do a pose and you are struggling, but remember, everyone starts somewhere and every BODY is different.  If you are having a hard time with a pose, ask the teacher to help and they can give you a variation that will benefit you more than struggling and doing it the wrong way.


Here are a couple of other helpful things to know:


-If you haven't filled out a waiver online, your teacher will have you fill out a new student waiver online before your first class.  This is kept on file here at the studio and only needs to be filled out once. 

-You will sign into class online.  You can do this with the teacher when you arrive if needed.

- Please sign up for your class online ahead of time through our website under the "Book Now" link.  This helps us plan for classes the most effectively. 


-Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for inspiration, new classes and upcoming events,  and also if for emergency reasons a class gets canceled, we will post it there.  If you have registered online for a class we will contact you directly.

-We have complimentary water, tea, and coffee outside our studio.  We also have mats, blocks, straps, and blankets to use during class if needed. 

-Feel free to use our lounge just outside of the classroom before and after class. (within building business hours: 10:00am-5:00pm Monday thru Saturday)

-Please let your teacher know if you have any questions or special concerns (injury or condition to be aware of).  

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